I am Dan DeCracker, and I have been given a second chance at life. There is no medical explanation to support my survival of the serious injuries from which I have begun the journey of recovery. I have concluded, the reason for my existence is to help others who are recovering from brain injuries, and to be the best father, husband, son, and friend that I can be!

My mission is to provide helpful information for brain injury survivors, their loved ones, and care givers based on my personal experience. As no two brain injuries are the same, I will leverage my personal and professional networks to collect the experiences of other TBI survivors, allowing a more complete perspective of the challenges that may lie ahead for those who have been impacted by brain injuries.

One of my passions is automobile racing. Participating in this sport most of my life as a team owner / manager, driver, mechanic, pit crew member, and as a track official has given me vast perspective of the challenges faced by many roles in this community. I have had personal friends experience brain injuries, and now have a first-hand perspective of the challenges my friends have faced. I assure you, prior to my injury, my understanding of the challenges faced was not even close to being accurate. I now have a first-hand perspective that I can use to help survivors understand the true challenges that lie ahead. I hope to provide their families and caregivers insight and potential strategies to overcome the struggles we face as TBI survivors. I am confident the racing community will help me spread the word of the DeCracker Foundation to both help folks within the close-knit family of racers, as well as those from other communities affected. I hope to build a platform that can be leveraged by other communities as well.

I will accomplish my mission while maintaining the core values instilled in me. Since birth, my parents raised me to work hard, be honest, and to uphold my integrity. I am grateful I have been taught these values; they have never failed me, personally or professionally. I believe it is a combination of my upbringing, and life lessons learned in the racing community, that has enabled me to achieve the recovery I have, thus far. Since the moment I regained consciousness I have had a laser focus on staying positive. Nothing positive is ever achieved when you are negative!

Since my injury, the support of my family has been unwavering. I know that I have not been the easiest person to deal with. I have experienced many challenges that my driven personality has compounded. Believe me, there is nothing easy about being a brain injury survivor. Then add to that my type a driven personality and my Mechanical Engineering degree.

The love of my amazing family has inspired the DeCracker Foundation! I have also been reminded that my family has an amazing, strong circle of friends. Our family was supported in so many ways since my injury. Thank you to everyone, there is no way I could list you all!

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